3D printing is a solution to the transition from a virtual object to a real object. Each printer has its capabilities and limitations, so it is essential to find a printer with the qualities that suit the individual project.

Dimention ES 1200 SST from Stratasys is a highly reliable printer that produces quality printing in ABS plastic. It has a print area of 250 x 250 mm and 300 mm in height. As it also performs fairly stable print, it is possible to print sections that are subsequently assembled for larger objects. It also features a soluble support material for supporting an object with a curtain. A detail that gives great formal freedom and a clean print on the outfit. ABS plastic has great possibilities for after-treatment in the form of grinding, filling and etching.


"Bitten by the apple" Henrik Troelsen, 2018.

Prototypes of cups.

The sculpture "Gate" with printed canals and pouring cup.