With CAD, or 3D design software, the possibilities in working with form and space have expanded considerably. Like all other tools, these programs relate to certain considerations that determine whether it is a suitable tool for a specific job.

The 3D-Stoeberiet offers to support or perform 3D-drawn projects. By using the software Rhino from McNeel, both dimensionally stable and control over curved organic forms are achieved. These qualities provide exceptional opportunity for work in shape and space. We would like to take a starting point in everything from the rough pencil's sketch to finished files.

The transition from virtual room to real room has its challenges. Here experience and good opportunities for file analysis play a crucial role in achieving a good result. If the item is subsequently cast into metal or another material, it may be advantageously prepared in the drawing.

"Bitten by the apple" Henrik Troelsen, 2018.

Bodum teepot. An exercise.


Model of Korsør Castle anno 1750.