The 3D-Stoeberiet uses Shell Casting. A Cire Perdue (lost wax) method where a ceramic shell is to be built into layers over a subject in wax. The wax is melted out, and the metal can now be poured into the empty space that the wax has left. Shell Casting stands out for a very good impression that requires limited finishing.

If the subject is modeled, 3D printed or otherwise produced, the molding process has so far been the same. The wax is typically casted into a silicone mold that is made as a negative mold of the desired shape. A good quality of the mold is the prerequisite for making wax copies with the same shape and proportions as the original.

3D-Stoeberiet is in the process of developing Lost ABS. A method of building the ceramic shell over a 3D-printed item in ABS plastic. The plastic is then melted and the process continues as in the above. We have had changing results with our experiments, ranging from really great results in very simple shapes, to problems in fairly complicated shapes. The most widely used method of Lost ABS is to burn out the plastic. This is contrary to us, and we therefore seek to develop our own. A method of great savings in time and materials that we look forward to offering.

The 3D Casting performs all the processes associated with molding. As a smaller foundry, networking and good business partners are vital for the flexibility we offer. Our facilities concentrate on the development of projects and single-piece / smaller series casting. If the task is outside our own workshop facilities, we will find a good solution in our network.

"Bitten by the apple" Henrik Troelsen, 2018.

Model of Korsør Castle anno 1750.

"Pissed Elin" Sara Möller, 2017.