Sara Möller's sculpture "Pissed Elin".

The sculpture is a tribute to the Swedish writer, journalist and female activist Elin Wänger, 1882-1949. The sculpture created local debate where the standing witty woman and the title were the main subjects. At national level, the debate was about artistic freedom in connection with art in public spaces. The sculpture came after five months of expulsion in place in March 2017.

Sara Möller has modeled the form in clay over an iron skeleton at The International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergård, Skælskør. From that made a mold in silicone and plaster.

The sculpture, 320 cm tall, is cast in bronze in 35 parts and assembled by welding at VAK, Vestsjællands Arbejderende Vaerksteder. Inside some thick walled stainless steel pipes is mounted to stabilize the sculpture, and the sculpture is prepared for installation of water and light.